Nika Digital Agency Won The Manifest Award for New York’s Most Reviewed B2B leader for 2024

Here at Nika Digital Agency, we are committed to helping businesses design the best-in-class experiences for their customers. Founded in 2010, our team combines data with the latest technologies and creative ideas to deliver strong solutions. We make sure to go above and beyond to help our clients achieve their goals and conquer their markets.

Today we proudly celebrate an exciting milestone made possible by our clients’ amazing trust. During the annual Manifest Company Awards, Nika Digital Agency was officially recognized as one of New York City’s most reviewed and recommended service providers. According to their latest report, our team is among the finest in design, web development, web design, and user experience solutions for 2024. 

For better context, The Manifest is a B2B buying guide from Washington DC. The site is known for celebrating outstanding service providers in its annual award cycle. The leaders selected and spotlighted are determined based on the number of honest testimonials they’ve received over the preceding 12 months.

Receiving this award means a lot to us because it goes to show how much our clients believe in us. Without their trust, we wouldn’t be celebrating this moment right now. It’s only right that we dedicate this fantastic recognition to them and their support.

On behalf of the entire Nika Digital Agency team, thank you so much to everyone who stood by us even through the highs and lows. The support you give us helps us welcome milestones and opportunities like this. Cheers to us!

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